Monday, October 12, 2009

Guardian Angel Publishing - review

As part of The Old Schoolhouse Crew reviews that I'm doing this year, I had the opportunity to review 3 e-books from Guardian Angel Publishing. The books I was sent are children's books which are somewhat hard to use in e-book format. However, they are also available as print books which would be a better way to go for the benefit of little hands, in my opinion. The books are rated for children of all ages, 0-12.

My favorite of the three was Hamster Holidays. It's an educational book for young children introducing nouns and adjectives in a fun rhyming format with the cute little hamsters celebrating holidays throughout the year.

Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair is a story for older kids, about a disabled boy and his albino horse. It is part of a series, but not the first book, so it seemed as if there were parts missing that we might have known if we had read the first book. The theme of the story is that it's okay to be different. It was interesting to read about the fair from the perspective of a boy in a wheelchair. The book also contained some extra information in the back about wild horses.

Earthquake is a non-fiction title that would make a great science book if you live in California or another area prone to earthquakes. The scientific information is educational no matter where you live, but several pages in the book focused on earthquake preparedness. I'm afraid the detailed suggestions would scare my daughter unnecessarily, as earthquakes are not common where we live.

You can download these titles as e-books for $5 each, or purchase the e-book CDs for a total of $15.90 each. The print books are a total of $17.90 each for Hamster Holidays or Andy & Spirit Go to the Fair, and $18.90 for Earthquake. I know I would prefer the print books, but I'm not sure I would be willing to pay that much for them.

Guardian Angel Publishing also offers a few free e-books and coloring pages. Check it out!

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